Red Line (NC16) (Digital)

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Red Line (NC16) (Digital)


Opening Date : 1 Jun 2023
Director : Jacky Ko 柯有谦
Cast : E.SO 瘦子, Ella Chen 陈嘉桦, Andy Lau 刘德华, Alan Ko 柯有纶
Ratings : NC16 (Some Coarse Language 些许粗粗俗语言)
Duration : 99 mins
Language : Mandarin with English & Chinese Subtitles
Genre : Action, Drama

The Story

Movie free listed from 8 June 2023.

A thrilling scene unfolds as an ambulance and a mysterious sports car, the "Hellcat," engage in a fierce race from the harbour to the mountain roads, onto the highway and the city. It feels like a showdown between two masters. Who will emerge as the new generation's racing champion? If only one can survive, who will get the last laugh?

The ambulance is driven by "Le" (E.SO), a former racing expert. Le accidentally caused the death of his brother, Chieh (Alan Kuo), during a competition. Devastated by guilt, he spiralled into despair until he met Hui (Ella), a doctor. With her help, he decided to become an ambulance driver, vowing to "save lives with speed." Alas, the owner of a mysterious race car "Hellcat" suddenly appears, he holds the list, the challenged racer is bound to die in the end ......

Underground racing is like a modern martial arts arena, where budding racers relentlessly pursue speed risking their lives; even then, it’s not enough to stop fanatics in the fatal pursuit of speed. Under the investigation of Le's three buddies (played by MUTA, Yuna Lin, Xavier Lin), the truth of each accident will gradually emerge ......…………


在如同现代武林的地下赛车界中,赛车手小乐(瘦子E.SO 饰演)因一场意外而自暴自弃,直到在一场车祸中遇见了女医生慧慧(ELLA陈嘉桦 饰演)因而转念成为了救护车司机,誓言要「用速度救人」。



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