A Choo (Digital)

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A Choo (Digital)


Opening Date : 23 Jul 2020
Director : Peter Tsi , Kevin Ko
Cast : Louis Koo, Kai Ko, Ariel Lin, Ta-Lu Wang, Vanness Wu
Ratings : PG13 (Some Violence and Sexual References 些许暴力画面及性相关语)
Duration : 102 mins
Language : Mandarin with English & Chinese Subtitles
Genre : Romance, Fantasy

The Story

Movie free listed from 23 July 2020. As a boy who had grown up in an orphanage, EJ (Kai Ko) met Hsin-Hsin (Ariel Lin), the one girl who’d care and hold him close to heart. Blossoming into a deep, mutual affection, Hsin-Hsin became the single most cherished soul in EJ’s young heart. For some reason, whenever Hsin-Hsin thought of EJ, she couldn’t stop sneezing. As they grew up, Hsin-Hsin left the orphanage to work in the city. EJ on the other hand, swore to be “the bravest man” to earn Hsin-Hsin’s love, and devoted himself to become a boxer. Through his unyielding love for Hsin-Hsin, EJ became a legend in the boxing ring as the “man who could not be knocked-out”. Yet as the evil Dr.Cube schemed in the shadows, threatening Hsin-Hsin’s life with all sorts of dangers, EJ will soon learn that his true purpose lies not in becoming some superhero, but to be the one-and-only superman for the person he cares most in the world.

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